Hypothermia is defined as a drop in core temperature below 35°C. This calculator provides an estimate of the expected vital signs based on the core temperature in patients with accidental hypothermia.

The estimate is based on a retrospective study including 216 patients with accidental hypothermia. In this study, core temperature was positively and significantly associated with each of the four vital signs. These results allow estimation of the vital signs to be expected for a given level of hypothermia when the core temperature is known. This should not be considered a substitute for clinical judgment or assessment.


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This project has been initiated and led by the Emergency Department of the University Hospital of Lausanne, Switzerland. For complementary information, and notably to understand the limitations of this approch, please read the following reference: Pasquier M, Cools E, Zafren K, Carron PN, Frochaux V, Rousson V. Vitals signs in accidental hypothermia. High Alt Med Biol, 2021.

Estimation of the survival probabilities of hypothermic patients in  cardiac arrest using HOPE

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