HOPE is the result of an international collaborative project initiated and led by the Emergency Department of the University Hospital of Lausanne, Switzerland.

HOPE provides a prediction of the survival probability in hypothermic cardiac arrest patients undergoing Extra-Corporeal Life Support (ECLS) rewarming. The survival probabilities range from 0% to 100% chance of survival to hospital discharge.

A cutoff of 10% to decide which hypothermic patients in cardiac arrest would benefit or not from ECLS rewarming was evaluated in an external validation study. The negative predictive value of a HOPE probability <10% was of 97%, and the AUC under the ROC curve was of 0.825 which suggest excellent discrimination.

HOPE should not be considered a substitute for clinical judgment or assessment. Of note, one is of course free to use a different cut-off than the proposed threshold of 10% for different subgroups of the population (e.g. for children). The proportion of avalanche victims was low in the validation HOPE study (4%). We recommend to use HOPE cautiously in this specific group of patients.

Estimates are desirable if variables are not known (e.g. age, CPR duration and temperature).


By submitting this form, you accept the transmission of the HOPE variables to the legal owner of the website. The data will be stored and processed in Switzerland for statistical purposes in order to administer the websiteimprove our services and further validate the HOPE performance.


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For complementary information please read the following references:

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Estimation of the vital signs to be expected for a given level of hypothermia


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